envision.ai applies the science of Deep Learning to the art of visual thinking.

Using carefully curated data sets, highly evolved artificial intelligence and sophisticated engineering, our products allow human artistic insight to be truly augmented and guided by Deep Learning.

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Choosing the best picture for representing any product or content is difficult, with often more possibilities than a human can manage. BestPix uses proprietary Deep Learning algorithms for improved results specific to the client's performance goals based on their unique data.

BestClip automatically chooses the best thumbnail or video segment from any content or product. Driving this selection process are aesthetic quality measures and user interaction metrics from large numbers of measurements (likes, followers, clicks etc.) for known user segments. Our deep learning algorithms leverage all these quality measures for optimal results. 


The use of metadata like hashtags allow the user to control the exposure their media content to a targeted audience. Historical performance knowledge, heavily weighted to current results, is coupled with current active testing using Deep Learning. This approach allows unique optimal results based on each client’s content media and goals. 


ABOUT envision.ai


Envision.AI was founded by a team who collectively have with over 35 years experience in neural networks and 45 years in computer vision. As well, the founders have started and exited multiple computer vision companies along the way building products used by millions worldwide. 


The automatic creation of intelligent images and videos represents a paradigm shift in the capture, discovery and presentation of visual content. This will lead to intelligent perceptual summary and intelligent cinematography. To fully realize the power in every camera.


We have built a unique product based on custom computer vision and deep learning technologies incorporating knowledge of psychophysics and neuroscience. Further powered by a deep understanding of data to solve real problems for clients to derive the most meaning.

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We are looking for people passionate about machine learning to be part of a world-class multidisciplinary team working on ground-breaking technology in a creative and collaborative environment. We are a well funded startup offering a competitive salary and employee equity.

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